Final Practices


My happiness knows no bounds to be privileged to express my ecstasy on the topic ‘best practices in my school’.

The advent of VIDYAPATI PUBLIC SCHOOL in a remote, somnolent, hamlet where the ‘reds’ rule the roost has boomeranged a ‘new dawn’ of education.Yes! ‘Serve, Love and Give’. Our school is committed to value based education to the downtrodden children with meager fees at the grass root level.

In fact, the responsibility of the school is not only to make the students methodical in the subject matter but also to bring out their hidden potentialities through various ways of exposure.

We abide by the ‘Love of Praise’ means giving encouragement to the students. A sincere complement is the most useful social tool. Taking up the education of children, we visualize their socialization should teach them to be humane, compassionate, and conscientious.They must think positive with a platform to dream, innovate, inculcate, deliver, and grow.The task of moulding personality of students in the right way is our primary aim.

Transforming education through advisory and best in class project helps in gaining knowledge. We give them a platform – one who envisions, gets the team to rally and helps them to reach the summit. The virtue of good deed is a part and parcel of education. The point is, we don’t have to keep track of the good deeds we do, but should remember that the good things in our lives are the return gifts. We get for our acts in the past.

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